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7 Products You Need to Perfect a No-Makeup Look on Acne-Prone Skin

Foundation isn't on the list, by the way!
7 Products You Need to Perfect a No-Makeup Look on Acne-Prone Skin
Foundation isn't on the list, by the way!

Achieving a fresh-faced look on acne-prone skin is actually not that much different from a regular "no-makeup" makeup look. The only difference, really, are the products you need to use—your complexion does have different needs, after all!

Scroll through this list below to see the exact ones to add to your routine:

1. Lightweight base

Foundation isn't necessary for you to achieve a more perfected complexion. In fact, you can skip a base entirely and go straight in with concealer. But if you want a hint of coverage everywhere without a cakey look, a skin tint, tinted moisturizer, or a tinted sunscreen is the way to go!


PIXI H20 Skintint, P1295, Zalora

2. Concealer for breakouts

When covering active breakouts and scars, it's best to use concealers that are on the dry side (potted cream concealers are a makeup artist fave) to make sure they adhere to your skin well. Treatment concealers with anti-acne ingredients (usually salicylic acid) can help heal your spots faster, too! To apply the concealer, dot it directly over the spot and blend the edges of the product for a seamless finish.

PHOTO BY Sephora
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SEPHORA COLLECTION Clear & Cover Corrector, P865,

3. Powder

This step is completely optional, but if your acne-prone skin is on the oilier side, powdering your T-zone can help you fight shine throughout the day. Patting some powder (view some mattifying options, here) over the areas with concealer will also keep the product from rubbing off. Try not to overpowder to keep the effortless vibe going!

4. Brow pen or brow gel

Everyone has their own brow routine, but a natural-looking brow does have quite some science behind it. Filling them in with careful strokes of an eyebrow pen, for one, will guarantee you a fuller effect that's still realistic. For that fluffy brow look, brush through your hairs with an eyebrow gel in upwards strokes. You can do only the brow pen or the brow gel, but combining both never hurts.

5. Mascara

Not everyone loves the feel and look of mascara for this look, so if that's you, a quick pinch of your lashes with an eyelash curler should be enough. In case your lashes need the extra lift, grab your favorite mascara and wipe the wand with a tissue to get the excess product out before applying it. The result? Defined lashes without the clumps!


6. Neutral blush

A soft flush always adds a touch of freshness to any makeup look. For acne-prone skin, matte powder blushes in neutral tones like peach or rose-brown (avoid anything too red or pink) will make your skin look healthier without accentuating unwanted texture and moving your base underneath.


MAC Powder Blush in Melba, P1625, Rustan's

7. MLBB lipstick

Nothing wraps up a no-makeup look better than a lipstick that looks like your lips but better. This obviously depends on your preference, lip color, and your skin tone, so go ahead and experiment! (For options, view our MLBB picks here).

Watch the video by YouTuber Asia Jackson below for an acne-prone skin-friendly look you can do on the daily!

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