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5 Ways Your New Hair Color Can Last Longer and Look More Vibrant

There are fixes to these coloring mistakes.
5 Ways Your New Hair Color Can Last Longer and Look More Vibrant
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When you want to change your look up a bit, coloring your hair is def at the top of the list. From high- to low-lights, going dark or light, a color adjustment is one of the easiest ways to bust out a new you.

While some have their colorists on speed dial, others resort to taking a shot at the hottest hair pro out there, or even stick to DIY-ing it at home. Hair mishaps aren’t as uncommon as they used to be, but just in case you have some, here are a few ways to deal:

1. Use a clarifying shampoo for a brighter hue.

When your locks appear to be way darker than what you wanted, just jump into the shower and fade the color out with some clarifying shampoo. Another option is to mix in a little dish soap with regular shampoo to lighten things up, stat.

2. Keep the tone cool if you're blonde.

If going blonde is on your beauty bucket list, be wary of the possibility of your hair looking warmer (read: yellower) than the cool, icy hue that’s in your head. Purple shampoo is supposed to combat brassy or golden-colored hair to cancel out the warmer undertones and tone things down (but still keep it bright) if you need it. Just remember to rinse the product off with cold water, which will make your hair shaft close hence sealing in the color.

3. Consult your colorist.

While we have a specific shade in our minds, sometimes it’s not the same shade that your colorist may realize it to be. So go in for a consultation—even better, show your pegs to ensure that you and the person who’s in charge of washing your hair with a fresh new hue are on the same page. There are salons that won’t charge you extra if you decide that the color that came out isn’t for you (still, you need to clarify beforehand!) and want to change the color back or go for another shade. But if your hair is curly, which is a little more sensitive than other hair types, it may take time before you can color it again. Those locks might get damaged from product buildup; make sure to get proper pro advice before anything else.

4. Spray colored dry shampoo for an even tone.

Sometimes, the color you decide on doesn’t adhere to your roots in the same way it does to the other parts of your hair. For a fast fix, try using colored dry shampoo. But at the end of the day, getting yourself into a salon and having your hair fixed by a colorist may save you some grief in trying to blend the colors on your roots until you get it right. Leave it to the experts to make the color you want happen instead of taking matters into your own hands, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

5. Use conditioner that can maintain your hair color's vibrance.

When your hair is dry or damaged, the color can look faded or lackluster and even unnatural. To make sure color-treated hair stays bright, condition your locks and try a keratin treatment. The keratin will act as a protective barrier on newly colored hair so the color can last longer and stay vibrant. It can also treat the damage caused by coloring. Given that some have more sensitive hair than others, choose a keratin treatment that you can do conveniently at home since these are usually not as harsh as the ones you’ll get at the salon.

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