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Nature's Best 1

We see if Schwarzkopf's organic line makes the grade.
Nature's Best 1 We see if Schwarzkopf's organic line makes the grade.

Although we're glad that the green movement has been taking the world by storm, the true test still remained: in our eyes, even the most eco-conscious product would be a flop if it didn't deliver quality beauty results. We set out to try one of the latest organic beauty offerings in the market, Schwarzkopf Essensity, to see if it passed the editors' muster (we were optimistic–it did make Mother Nature's grade, after all).

Essensity, being the first natural and organic color, care and styling hair range, is, like all others with similar labels, free from artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffins, mineral oils and parabens, making it one of the gentlest options available. This said, clients who suffer from delicate or damaged hair, falling hair or very sensitive scalps do stand to benefit from this natural choice (Ed's note: natural products are those without synthetic chemicals or preservatives and have been minimally processed. Organic products are not only super-natural, they also eschew any radiation processes or synthetic fertilizers and use sustainable and ecologically-responsible ingredients.). Essensity has both natural and organic essences and had both a haircare and styling range—meaning it was a perfect candidate for our week-long (7 days) trial.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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