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Davines solidifies its brand with its latest hair care line, NaturalTech.
Nature + Technology Davines solidifies its brand with its latest hair care line, NaturalTech.

For us girls, hair care is just as important as skin and body care. Some of us are even overly meticulous about it that we tend to splurge on several products and services just to give us the best tresses. And while we customarily hand over the care of our crowning glory to our trusted stylists, there are brands that seem to understand our evolving hair issues. Davines is one.

The Italian hair care brand, perhaps, has a low-key presence in the retail market; however, it has become a favourite among the salon experts. Recently, Davines launched a new product line, NaturalTech, to meet the needs of all kinds of consumers, and salon owners, as well.

The equation, Nature + Technology + Man = NaturalTech, quite represents what the line is all about. It is a system of products with different formulations specialized to address specific hair anomalies. Phytoceuticals—biologically active compounds found in plants—are one of the most important breakthroughs in the product development. These ingredients are essential components of the plant’s defense systems and have anti-oxidants, anti-radicals, and anti-inflammatory power.


Each variant in the NaturalTech line also contain essential oils to give each product pleasant fragrance. Like all Davines products, this line is created with only natural ingredients; even the packaging is completely biodegradable. The brand also made sure the line is easy to use, especially for salon treatments.

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Davines hair care products are available at leading salons nationwide.

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