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Review: This Treatment Instantly Softened My Callused Feet

My feet were noticeably softer after an hour.
Review: This Treatment Instantly Softened My Callused Feet
My feet were noticeably softer after an hour.

Summer is here and if you want to look and feel flawless from head-to-toe, you mustn’t forget about your feet. If you’ve been dealing with dry skin on your heels, preventing you from posing like a swimsuit model by the sand, then this foot spa treatment might just be the answer to your dehydrated skin woes. 

What It Is: Nailandia’s Whitening Foot Spa

Basically, this foot spa treatment is meant to brighten and soften the skin on your feet and calves.

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Nailandia

Whitening Foot Spa, P350, Nailandia Circulo Verde 

Current Condition

I’ve been struggling with callused skin around my heels ever since I turned 20. I’ve tried lotions and foot masks, and while they do work, I still prefer an exfoliating treatment to get rid of the dry skin fast. I get pedicures every now and then and opt for a foot spa occasionally to get pampered, too.

The Procedure

The treatment starts off with a soak, just like most foot spas, then it’s followed by a thorough foot scrub. This is probably my favorite part of the procedure since it really took off most of my calluses and the technician was very particular about softening the skin. 

After the scrub was over, the technician applied a thick layer of jasmine whitening lotion—although the effects were more for brightening than leaving your skin with a bleached white cast. The lotion was left on my skin for about 10 to 15 minutes before I was given a massage at the end of the treatment.

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I’ve tried whitening foot spa treatments before but I really appreciated how skilled the technician was at Nailandia. It’s nothing really new in terms of procedure, but the quality of the service was what I really liked. My heels felt and looked less dry and coarse even in the days that followed. I’d want to come back and try more of their spa treatments knowing that every step is done right and they don’t scrimp on product application!

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