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These Moisturizing Balms Will Keep Your New Tattoo Fresh and Crackproof

Take good care of your new ink!
These Moisturizing Balms Will Keep Your New Tattoo Fresh and Crackproof
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Take good care of your new ink!

When you get a tattoo, the general aftercare rules are: 1) You regularly wash it with water and mild soap; 2) You don't scratch or pick at it; 3) You keep the area moisturized.

But why exactly do you have to keep your tatt hydrated? A tattoo is basically a wound, so if it becomes dry, it could develop cracks and gaps in the design. Once it's healed, it wouldn't look as seamless and clean. Plus, a properly hydrated tattoo will heal faster!

However, you can't just use any moisturizing ointment on your tattoo. Ideally, it should be something that's fragrance-free and contains simple ingredients to avoid irritating and causing itchiness in the area. Keep scrolling to find out our recommendations.

1. Lucas' Papaw Ointment

The famous multi-use balm contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients to treat any part of your skin. Just make sure you snag a few tubes when you see it at the store because these sell out fast.


LUCAS' Papaw Ointment, P499, Watsons

2. Dr. Pawpaw Original Balm

Dr. Pawpaw's Original Balm can calm down skin irritation and dryness so it's perfect to use when you're tempted to scratch your tatt.

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DR. PAWPAW Original Balm, P595, Beauty Bar

3. VMV Hypoallergenics Grandma Minnie's The Big, Brave, Boo-Boo Balm

Yes, tattoos are considered "boo-boos." This balm contains coconut oil which can soothe rashes, minor cuts, dry lips, and cracked skin.

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS Grandma Minnie's The Big, Brave, Boo-Boo Balm, P1300, SM Megamall

4. INC.REDIBLE Salve The Day Miracle 12-Hour Multi Balm

Packed with vitamin E and aloe vera, you can be sure this skin balm will protect and soothe your tattoo while it's healing.


INC.REDIBLE Salve The Day Miracle 12-Hour Multi Balm, P630,

5. Happy Camper Booboo Balm

Happy Camper's own version of a boo-boo balm contains a mix of skin-loving ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, and almond oil to treat a variety of skin issues—from dark marks to redness, to minor cuts and burns.


HAPPY CAMPER Booboo Balm, P290, BeautyMNL

6. Bybi Beauty Babe Balm

This skin balm has a rich formula that nourishes and treats your skin. It has shea butter and a combination of extracts and essential oils to aid in repairing and moisturizing problem areas.


BYBI BEAUTY Babe Balm, P1,040,

7. SkinPotions Potion Balm

Looking for a rich balm to treat your skin problems? Try SkinPotions' Potion Balm. It has beeswax, rosehip oil, and aloe vera that aid in healing wounds (like tattoos), mild eczema, insect bites. It also brightens dark spots.

SKINPOTIONS Potion Balm, P295, SM North EDSA


8. RMS Lip & Skin Balm

A natural balm for your lips and skin that can moisturize dry areas, soften fine lines, and protect your skin from pollutants.

RMS Lip & Skin Balm, P1700,

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