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Here’s Catriona Gray’s Signature Look for Miss Universe 2018

We break down her signature look.
Here’s Catriona Gray’s Signature Look for Miss Universe 2018
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We break down her signature look.

Her jaw-dropping outfits and catwalk aren't the only things that the Catriona Gray prepped for Miss Universe 2018. The beauty queen's makeup game is incredibly on point, too—can you believe she's been doing her own glam for the pageant all this time? In fact, we think her signature look suits her so well that we couldn't help but break it down for copping purposes. Snag her tricks for a photo-ready face below!

1. Opt for a matte base.

We can guess that the Miss Universe candidates have schedules filled to the brim with activities, so it's crucial that their base lasts. It's why Catriona opts for full coverage, matte skin! To pull this off, you have to work in several yet strategic layers. Your first layer should be moisturizer, which will help you avoid accentuating any dry patches and help your foundation adhere to your skin better. After, buff a matte liquid foundation with good coverage to even out your skin tone, and then set it with a powder foundation for a budgeproof, flawless finish. Carry around the powder compact for touchups!

PHOTO BY Ever Bilena

EB ADVANCE Shine-Free Make-Up Foundation, P170; EVER BILENA Matte Two Way Cake, P165, SM Beauty

2. Don't forget to contour and highlight.

Proper contouring and highlighting is key to looking chiseled even under harsh stage lighting. Catriona's contour is dramatic yet subtle all at once, and the trick here is to blend, blend, blend! Here's how you can recreate her sculpt:

Grab a contour stick and draw a line under your cheekbones, starting from the center of your ear to around two inches away from the corner of your mouth. Apply some on your temples and jawline as well! Now, blend the line out with a paddle brush until you achieve a hazy look that gives your face more dimension. Adding a little bit of blush will blur the edges out more, and no one will be able to tell where your contour starts and ends.

For highlighter, since the base she does is so matte, adding a sheen becomes twice as important in the beauty queen's look. However, she only applies it where she needs it—above her cheebones, the bridge of her nose, and the inner corners of the eyes—to look glowy instead of oily.

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PHOTO BY Ever Bilena

EVER BILENA Sculpt & Strobe Stick, P225; EB ADVANCE Cheek Color, P180, Watsons

3. Define your brows and brush them upwards.

We love how Catriona does her brows. It's the perfect mix of sculpted and natural, and the reason why her arches never look overdone. The front of her brows always look soft instead of blocky, and then gradually become darker towards the tail. Doing this is quite simple—fill in the center and the tail of your brows first, brush it out, and use the leftover product on the front to achieve a soft gradient. Finish it off by brushing the hairs up with an eyebrow gel, which will add a more natural-looking texture.

PHOTO BY Ever Bilena

EVER BILENA Pro Brow Liner, P130; EB ADVANCE Brow Gel, P185, Robinson's Department Store


4. Wing your eyeshadow.

Catriona's eyes always look so lifted, thanks to the way she applies her eyeshadow. She creates this winged shape that pulls her eye shape upwards, and it helps that she doesn't use black except for her eyeliner, opting for darker browns instead. For that wide-eyed effect, she pats a light shimmer on her eyelids.

PHOTO BY Ever Bilena

EB ADVANCE Uncover Eyeshadow Palette, P395, Robinsons's Department Store

5. Finish off with a nude lip.

Because her eyes are already smokey, she balances out her look with a muted lip color. Catriona's go-to seems to be brownish nude lipsticks, which suits her skin tone. She always adds gloss on top, though, because a little bit of extra shine is always welcome.

PHOTO BY Ever Bilena

EVER BILENA Matte Nude Lipstick, P165, Watsons


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