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5 Factors to Consider to Help You Decide on the Best Brow Shape

5 Factors to Consider to Help You Decide on the Best Brow Shape
Take these into consideration!

Apparently, there's more to brow shaping than just following your face shape. Your other features also need to be taken into account. That said, it's time for you to level up your brow shape knowledge. Below, Phibrows Royal Artist Ron Peña gives five underrated tips to help you figure out the best arches for you!

1. Always go for contrasts.

Ron introduces us first to the no-no that is shape-echoing. Always go for contrasts in order to frame your face well. Here are some examples: "For round faces, having rounded brows will only reinforce its shape. Square-faced girls could use a set of brows with no sharp peak, to [take the] focus away from the natural angles of the face. A delicate soft angle (not a round shape because this can give a stark contrast) will complement a strong jaw."


2. Consider your standout asset.

"After determining the appropriate brow shape for your face shape, the next step to fine-tuning your brows is determining your 'signature' feature," says Ron. Figure out the features you wish to highlight, or conceal and go from there. 

3. Check how prominent your eyes are.

According to Ron, how prominent your eyes are can determine how dark your eyebrows should be. Bigger or more prominent eyes call for softer-looking brows, since there is no need to make the eyes look bigger, and going for slightly lighter color in a powder formula can achieve this kind of effect. For those with smaller eyes, it'll be easier to get away with darker, stronger brows.

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4. Choose how narrow or wide you want your forehead to look.

Again, go for contrasts. If your forehead is narrow, Ron suggests bringing the brows a bit closer together. To complement a wider forehead means doing the opposite, so that the distance takes attention away from your forehead's width.

5. The same goes for your nose bridge.

The noseline should mark the beginning of your brows, but that also depends on how you want your nose to look. A long and narrow nose bridge would require a bit more space between your brows to balance the length, while a shorter and wider one will be more forgiving to brows that are closer together.

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