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Mesoestetic Collagen 360

Eunice Lucero goes against the clock with the latest anti-agers.
Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Eunice Lucero goes against the clock with the latest anti-agers.

I think it was Preview’s Pauline Juan who once said that the difference of a beauty girl with others is that the former goes down fighting. Both the Preview and Style Bible girls are testament to this, as we’ve tried most everything to slow the hands of time (some successful, some not as), and Mesoestetic’s newest—and purportedly most effective—anti-aging line is the latest in this quest. “It’ll really make a difference,” eiSkin’s Ana Monta tells me. Sold. “They even have different products per age range so it really targets your needs.” Double sold.

My first instinct was to want to get my hands on the “oldest” range, obviously. I mean, if I can skip a few decades of damage and go straight to catching it before it falls, then hooray! They told me though that each line was made for the genetic makeup of skin at that specific age, so off with Skin Aging Stage 2 (30-40) I went. (Ed’s note: I’m not giving up on the 40-50 however. Stem cells!).


The cosmeceutical range is called Mesoestetic Collagen 360 and is, quintessentially, a collagen and elastin booster. Skin in your 30s starts to lose collagen considerably and the dermis’ structure weakens, which causes the start of sagging. Ana promptly handed me the kit—I think I was starting to look depressed—saying that a few days have users boasting of visible results. “Are you sure I can’t go for the Radiance DNA line (40-50)? It fixes your DNA.” “You don’t. Need. It. Try this out and let us know what happens.”

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As with all things forever good and youthful, the main ingredient in Collagen 360 is sea-borne. It’s infused with high, potent levels of marine collagen to firm up and actually reverse collagen loss (which contributes to loss of facial plumpness) and tighten everywhere it counts (a.k.a. anywhere you look… old), like your marionette lines, undereye troughs, neck, etc. And since we’re all kind of more stubborn in our 30s, it penetrates deeper into the second layer of the epidermis for a more direct, intense effect. The Eye Contour was a personal favorite—not only did it smoothen fine lines and solve crepeyness on the lids, it also did away with dark circles and my telltale I-pulled-an-all-nighter face. The Intensive Cream was every bit as intense as it sounded (fistpump!) and I could feel a certain tautness a few minutes upon application. A few days into it and my twentysomething glow was back. Who knows what a month of this stuff could do!


And just when you think it can’t get any more compelling, the range also has a drinkable elixir—yeah, for you sticklers out there, there’s an oral step that specifically targets “wrinkle reduction and skin firming.” Yes, in case topical doesn’t cut it for you, it targets from the inside out as well. Now that we can drink our way to youth, there’s excuse now, girls. 

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Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Firming Solution, NU.U Asia Center for Dermatology & Cosmetic Dentistry, 3F 32nd & Fifth Bldg., 32nd cor. Fifth Avenue, Bonifacio Global City