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Martine Cajucom-Ho Reveals Her Favorite Treatments for Glowing Skin

Cop her skin secrets!
Martine Cajucom-Ho Reveals Her Favorite Treatments for Glowing Skin
Cop her skin secrets!

Martine Cajucom-Ho has quite the skincare collection. In fact, she constantly shares her new go-to products on Instagram, and she has yet to disappoint with her recommendations. But everyone knows that to get a glow like an It girl, you need more than just serums and masks.

In a short interview, Martine shares the skin treatments she swears by for an amazing skin and a toned bod!


Martine's Favorite Facials and Laser Treatments

The Sunnies creative director is a Belo baby, so you can find all her favorite skin treats in their clinics. When it comes to her favorite facials, Martine says, "I rotate between the Hydrafacial and the Madonna Facial. [I do the Madonna Facial] when I feel like I want to pamper myself and kind of get my skin back to being glowing."

"I'm also obsessed with the lasers. I'm constantly doing Angel Whitening and Skin Reboot," Martine continues. The former is a laser treatment that targets pigmentation, while Skin Reboot helps tighten the skin using micro-current technology. She also loves Clear + Brilliant, a non-invasive treatment for improving elasticity and texture.

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Martine's Favorite Body Treatments

Before going to the beach, Martine does Exilis, a contouring RF treatment—"just to tighten up my thighs and arms," she says. She also does Emsculpt for toning areas like the abdomen. Both of these treatments are non-invasive, so don't worry if you're needle-shy!

See her full interview below!

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