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What Is Marc Jacobs Daisy and Why Is This Perfume So Popular?

Get to know this cult-classic fragrance.
What Is Marc Jacobs Daisy and Why Is This Perfume So Popular?
IMAGE Marc Jacobs
Get to know this cult-classic fragrance.

You know a perfume is a classic when you can recognize it by the mere silhouette of its bottle. The perfect example? Marc Jacobs' Daisy, and the adorable pair of daisies that adorn its golden cap. And while that alone makes the fragrance hard to miss, it's famous for more than just its elegantly quirky packaging. The scent itself is a fruity, feminine floral that's nothing short of timeless—as proven by its continued popularity 14 years after its release.

Get to know more about this cult classic below:

The History of Marc Jacobs Daisy

The original Daisy by Marc Jacobs was launched nearly two decades ago—2007, to be exact. It was created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, who you might know from his iconic blends like Bvlgari Omnia, Calvin Klein CK One, Gucci Bloom, Kenzo Flower, and many more.

The inspiration for the perfume is the young, optimistic, and spontaneous Marc Jacobs woman who enjoys the bliss of nature. It's described as a fresh, fruity floral, which became the blueprint of many of the brand's succeeding popular fragrances.


When asked why he thinks Daisy became such a classic, Albert credits the scent's "memorable olfactive signature," which helped set the trend in the industry. "Daisy remains faithful to its unforgettable origins—rooted in the Marc Jacobs fashion offering—which brings a new, vivacious celebration of life for young, happy women," the perfumer told Preview. "The designer himself brings the strong imprint of his creative vision into his fragrances. So it is no surprise that Daisy became a classic—as did Marc Jacobs' fashion!"

marc jacobs daisy
Marc Jacobs Daisy
 PHOTO BY Instagram/marcjacobsfragrances
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Daisy Eau de Toilette, P6198 (100ml), MARC JACOBS, Department Stores

What Does Marc Jacobs Daisy Smell Like

Even with several flankers, it's impossible to forget your first whiff of Daisy. The fragrance opens with wild berries, a sweet, fruity note that gives the scent its effortless vibrance. But what anyone will instantly recognize it for is its feminine, petally core, which features delicate white violets, jasmine, and gardenia. "The original Daisy fragrance invites you to experiment by walking in a meadow of country flowers," explains Alberto. Meanwhile, its drydown leans towards a powdery musk, brought about by base notes like musk, white woods, and vanilla.

The Bottle

It's no secret that the Daisy flacon is one of the most recognizable perfume bottles out there. The pair of white daisies on the cap is almost as attention-grabbing as the scent itself (or even more), and you'll find different variations of it on the perfume's flankers. Its stunning visuals aside, these iconic daisies represent the fragrance's floral core and Marc Jacobs' penchant for anything retro-chic. The perfume's signature golden color is just as unmistakable, complemented by golden accents on the daisies' discs perfectly.

marc jacobs daisy perfumes
The fragrances in the Marc Jacobs Daisy line
PHOTO BY Instagram/marcjacobsfragrances

The Scents in the Marc Jacobs Daisy Family

Many scents have been added to the Daisy family since it became a hit, and these flankers have become popular themselves. Here are four that you can still cop now, plus all the reasons why they're worth a sniff:


1. Daisy Dream

If Daisy is sunny and vibrant, Daisy Dream is light and airy like talking a walk on the softest clouds. A fruity floral, the scent has a tangy blackberry top note and a lovely bouquet of jasmine and blue wisteria at its heart. Like the original, it dries down with a comforting whiff with white woods.

marc jacobs daisy dream

Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette, P6198 (100ml), MARC JACOBS, SM Department Store

2. Daisy Eau So Fresh

You can think of Daisy Eau So Fresh as Daisy's sweeter, brighter cousin. It's a sparkling fruity rose, opening with pink grapefruit and raspberries and settling as a soft musk. From its bottle alone, you can already tell it's perfect for the summer, if not any occasion where you just want to smell oh-so-fresh.

marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh

Daisy Eau de Fresh Eau de Toilette, P6098 (100ml), MARC JACOBS, SM Department Store

3. Daisy Love

"Daisy Love brings you to a beautiful beach to enjoy the sea and the warmth of the sun—like a caress on the skin," describes its perfumer Alberto Morillas. The scent is sweet, sunny, and smells of sweet cloudberries, elegant daisy tree petals, and creamy cashmere musk that makes for a truly beach-ready (and anything-ready) spritz.

marc jacobs daisy love

Daisy Love Eau de Toilette, P4798 (50ml), MARC JACOBS, Rustan's

4. Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

Just when we thought Daisy Love was as fresh as a beach-inspired scent could be, Alberto Morillas and Marc Jacobs released Daisy Love Eau So Sweet and promptly proved us wrong. This sugary, youthful fruity floral is probably what the color pink would be as a fragrance, borrowing the original Daisy's elegance and giving it an addictive saccharine twist.

marc jacobs daisy love eau so sweet

Daisy Love Eau so Sweet Eau de Toilette, P4798 (50ml), MARC JACOBS, Rustan's

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