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Man Enough To Get Belofied

Tom Rodriguez is the newest face of Belo.
Man Enough To Get Belofied Tom Rodriguez is the newest face of Belo.

“My interests are very simple. I like singing, I sketch, I paint, I’m also into boxing, and other martial arts.”

We beg to disagree but Tom, you are far from simple―did we mention that he also cooks, is multilingual, is a theatre artist, and holds a degree in Digital Animation? The dreamy Tom Rodriguez does seem like the perfect guy you could totally take home and introduce to your parents, and we think it’s his humility despite his growing popularity that attracted people (including us!) to his boy-next-door charm. And let’s not forget his admirable confidence to take on a role that only a few would be willing to portray.

It took Tom almost five years, but this 26-year-old heartthrob and Cosmo Hunk, popularly known as Vincent on My Husbands Lover, worked his way up and has now become a household name and is Belo’s newest endorser. Joining Belo’s roster of the most in-demand celebrities today, Tom is proud to say that he is happy to represent both sides of the male spectrum because he is a firm believer that all men are men regardless of their preference. Now that's a guy who is truly man enough to get Belofied

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