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7 Celeb-Approved Ways to Update Your Makeup in 2019

Change it up!
7 Celeb-Approved Ways to Update Your Makeup in 2019
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Change it up!

Changing up your look for the new year is a great way to hit reset, but thing is, we don't always need a complete 360. Most of the time, a few tweaks in your makeup routine could suffice. What you can do is try to keep it current, and for 2019, here are the updates you can add to your beauty resolutions:

1. Nadine Lustre

This year, make coral eyeshadow your new go-to (it's the color of the year, after all). It's a color that looks extra flattering on skin with warm undertones, so if that's you, easing it into your daily looks won't be a challenge.


2. Maymay Entrata

But if low key isn't what you're going for this year, pull some inspo from Maymay. Here, she plays around with green glitter and purple liner—an unusual combination that just works, thanks to the power of contrasts and color theory.

3. Vivoree Esclito

Matte lipstick is an absolute staple, but switching out a flat finish for a pout slick with gloss wouldn't hurt—even if it's only for a selfie. Not only will your dry lips thank you for the extra slip, a glossy lip means your highlighter won't be the only thing that pops in photos.

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4. Juliana Gomez

When it comes to winged liner, there are two types of people: Those who can whip up a cat eye in under five minutes and those who need at least an hour to even out both sides. If you're the latter, make it your resolution to practice your liner-wielding skills and you'll be surprised at what a little patience can do to your wings. Switching to a colored eyeliner might convince you to wear it more often, too!


5. Kyline Alcantara

The thing about pastel hues like lilac and peach is they're more beginner-friendly than say, black. Since they're light and subtle, you have so much leeway for error when you blend them on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. So if you need more color on your palette this year, pick up a pastel palette and see where it takes you.


6. Elisse Joson

Nude, barely-there lipstick was a huge trend last year, so a transition to bolder shades is in order. FYI, apricots and reds are becoming the colors of choice for celebs and makeup artists for a statement lip, which means it's time to stock up!


7. Heart Evangelista

Dewy skin had its time to (literally) shine in 2018, but nothing really beats the ease of matte skin, especially in humid weather. Instead of caking on the product, though, update your shine-free routine with an army of mattifying skincare and non-greasy foundations set with finely-milled powders.

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