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Makeup Shelf Life

Honey, let it go.
Makeup Shelf Life Honey, let it go.

Alright, we get it. It’s your favorite lipstick, but, honey, it’s not built to last a lifetime. Cliché as it may sound, some good things never last. Like food, your makeup has shelf life and expiration dates. Although we wish that the well-loved limited edition blush would give us magical, lifted cheekbones for the rest of our primping lives, it’s not immortal.

So what’s the logic behind this? One word: bacteria. The unseen culprit favors breeding in your beauty staples. A good practice to discourage its growth would be to sanitize your makeup tools after every use. Spray alcohol on your eye shadow, face pact, lipsticks, and pencils before you store them. Make sure you sharpen your pencils before packing them away, or wipe your lipsticks with a sanitizing wipe before placing them back in your makeup kit. Also, let your nose also serve as a guide: If it smells rancid or feels too waxy, toss it. Anything that’s past its prime will make you look far from pretty; think pink eye, rashes, and zits. Another rule of thumb is to keep them away from sunlight, high temperature, and moist environment to stretch their life span.

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