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Makeup At Propaganda

Isha Andaya gets dolled up by artist Cats del Rosario.
Makeup At Propaganda Isha Andaya gets dolled up by artist Cats del Rosario.

I usually do my own makeup when I attend weddings and for the first time in a while, I decided to get fixed up at a salon. To be honest, there's nothing like simply sitting in a chair and having someone else work on your face.

Seated comfortably in sunny Propaganda, I let makeup artist Cats del Rosario work her magic. I'd never met her before but she was so pleasant and asked me what look I wanted and what I was planning to wear. I usually do the heavy eye-light lip formula by default; and since I was dealing with a pro, I figured why not try something different.

She suggested we do a bold lip instead—a look I discovered was strikingly simple, yet not so easy to perfect. An even complexion and artfully lined eyes complete the look as much as the lip color.

She worked so gently as I comfortably leaned back against the salon chair. I would have easily fallen asleep had it not been for pleasant conversation that kept me at ease with her. I liked how she'd gently give me little instructions like “breathe through your mouth,” while she applied liquid liner (so I wouldn't blink), or a simple “look down but don't close your eyes,” while she shaded the crease of my lids. I find it flustering how some old school makeup artists just wave their brush-wielding hands up or down to communicate, expecting you to decode and follow.

In a little under an hour, about 45-minutes to be more precise, I was coifed, primped, and ready to go. I was really happy with the result—really dramatic and understated at the same time.

Hair and makeup with Cats del Rosario at Jing Monis by Propaganda Salon, P3000. See the Salons & Spas Directory for contact information.

—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor

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