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We Asked Makeup Artists to Reveal Their Best Tips for Perfect Brows

From growing them out to filling them in with ease.
We Asked Makeup Artists to Reveal Their Best Tips for Perfect Brows
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From growing them out to filling them in with ease.

We all want different things when it comes to our eyebrows. So instead of telling you exactly how to do yours, we think it only makes sense to give you as many options as possible.

Ahead, 11 pro makeup artists reveal their best tips for achieving your best brows ever. Who knows? Your new holy grail brow trick could be one of them!

1. Jigs Mayuga

"Strive for symmetry and balance instead of trying to achieve an exact replica of both brows. Remember your brows are supposed to be sisters, not twins."


2. Jason Delos Reyes

"Like skin, eyebrows need to be exfoliated, too—it can stimulate hair growth. You can use eyelash enhancer serum for your eyebrows too."

3. Mac Igarta

"Everyone's obsessed with thick brows 'cause it’s the trend today but TBH, it's not for everyone. Embrace the [brows] you have right now. Try correcting the brows rather than drawing new ones. Just fill in the sparse areas and brush your brows upward to have a lifted face effect. With the ECQ you may wanna try to let the hair on the sparse area grow, too. The easiest way, though, is microblading. It's life changing."

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4. Mikka Marcaida

"Stop overplucking. Thick natural brows are very in. If you are not blessed with lots of hair, fake it using an eyebrow pen and mimic [strands with] hair-like strokes. Finish it off with a good brow mascara or hairspray to hold it in place."


5. MJ Bornales

"Stop filling out your eyebrows heavily with one single stroke. Use a flicking motion in the direction where your hair grows. Do not over extend the tail of your eyebrows. Doing so will create a droopy effect and will make you look sad."

6. Slo Lopez

"For me building technique is super important versus product. How you hold the brush and control the pressure of your lines during application really matters to get the results you want. Also, brushing your brow hairs up and down with a spoolie to check for sparse spots and get a clear idea of the shape."


7. Justine Navato

"Use a retractable brow pencil with a fine tip or a well sharpened pencil to draw natural hair like strands. For more definition use an eyebrow pen."


8. Mark Qua

"I love coating the hairs with clear mascara after defining or filling the brows since it gives more life to the brows. It also sets them in place."

9. Anthea Bueno

"Apply brow mascara first. Comb brows into place after this you will see where the actual sparse areas are. Draw on those areas with short hairlike strokes and voila, natural looking brows. That’s my trick so I don’t overdo brows."


10. Sydney Matterson

"For a feathered look that’ll last all day, use an eyelash adhesive [as brow gel]."


11. Nikki Duque-Martinez

"Use eyebrow mascara that has fibers to fill in your brows easily. And then, just brush them up."

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