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10 Major Makeup Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

10 Major Makeup Mistakes You Need to Stop Making
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No one is exempted from makeup mishaps—makeup artists included. What feels right doesn't end up looking right on several occasions, and it becomes extra frustrating when you don't know why. So if you're sick of these accidental makeup meltdowns, it's time to put your routine under a microscope and fish the bad habits out of it. Compare and contrast with our list below!

1. Not moisturizing enough.

Makeup will not stick to your skin without ample moisture. If you have dry patches, for example, makeup will only accentuate them if you forget to prep and prime. The same goes for oily skin: without proper moisturization, your skin will get oily faster to compensate.

2. Applying too much product at once.

When we have something you really want to cover, our instincts point to piling on the concealer. But the thing with makeup is this—it's easier to add product than to remove it. Hence, you can avoid a cakey look by applying your makeup in layers until you're satisfied with the look.


3. Using too much powder.

The fear of looking oily makes us do crazy things, and abusing the mattifying powers of powder is one of them. Instead of caking on the powder and looking like a desert floor, focus on other aspects of your makeup (or skin care!) to remain grease-free.

4. Blending liquids over powders.

Once you set your makeup with a powder, attempts to touch up your liquid and cream products would be futile. Blending a liquid or cream over powdered skin will produce clumps and patches that are difficult to hide. If you really have to, though, spray your skin with a hydrating face mist to lightly dissolve the powder particles.

5. Using nude lipstick that's too nude.

A flattering nude lipstick shouldn't look identical to a concealer. Because if it is, that lip color will only wash you out. Here are our picks for perfect nude lips!

6. Outlining your brows and not filling them in.

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Brows with nothing but a fleeky outline can very well be considered Halloween makeup. Don't forget to fill in the insides of your brows and blend everything out with a spoolie!

7. Not blending your contour enough.

Your foundation and eye makeup may look perfect, but sloppy contour can easily ruin everything. Always double check in the mirror and in natural light if your contour has visible lines, streaks, or patches. You want to look like a three-dimensional person, not an abstract geometrical painting.

8. Highlighting your nose.

We know your favorite online beauty gurus recommend it, but this technique isn't universally flattering. The highlighter can easily be mistaken for oil and make the nose appear flatter than it really is.

9. Overdoing your browbone highlight.

We know and value the importance of the browbone highlight, but the technique begins to look dated and intense if you go too light. Instead of a shimmery white, opt for a satin finish or a subtle highlight that matches your skin tone.


10. Wiping away mascara mistakes ASAP.

Resist the panic-induced urge to rub them off. Let the mascara dry for a minute instead. Trust us, the product will flake right off and you'll be saved from a serious case of panda eyes.

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