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How to Properly Maintain These 5 Short Haircuts

The effort is totally worth it.
How to Properly Maintain These 5 Short Haircuts

Some hairstyles—even short ones—need a little more attention and maintenance than others. When styled well, they can add a lot of edge to your look. Below, the types of short haircuts that are worth getting and how to maintain them:

1. Cropped Curly Hair

Contrary to what you think, short curly hair actually requires styling. To keep your curls bouncy, use conditioner when you wash your hair every other day. Doing so will help keep them hydrated and looking full of life.

2. Side-Swept Bob

A side part helps add volume to your hair. That being said, brush your locks too often and you risk making them flat. To keep your bob sleek and tangle-free without compromising volume, dry your hair upside down after a shower and comb the shaft. During the day, finger-comb once in a while and brush up from the part.

3. Bob with Blunt Bangs

We can all agree that getting bangs is a huge commitment. To keep the sharp and structured look, go for a trim every three to six weeks. Make the bob look sleeker by straightening the lengths of your hair with a flat iron. Add a barrette or two for a playful vibe.

4. Colored Pixie Cut

A platinum pixie cut can look really edgy and high-fashion, but it can be harder to disguise the look of chemically damaged hair when it's short. The fix: Use a shampoo and conditioner duo like the Dove Intense Repair range to help care for your damaged hair. It can help nourish and repair your cropped cut.

5. Layered Bob

This shaggy style can look edgy and cool, but drying it without styling can make it look like a bowl cut gone wrong. While the hair is damp, muss it up with your fingers and blow-dry it at low heat. This ensures your layers go where they should.

Short hair is easier to style when it's clean and healthy. Treat it with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner duo like Dove’s Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. They are formulated with keratin repair actives, which help repair cuticle damage so hair appears smooth and damage-free. With regular use, they also help replenish hair with nutrients, protecting it from future damage.

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