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5 Haircut and Color Combinations That Look Better As They Grow Longer

Mix and match!
5 Haircut and Color Combinations That Look Better As They Grow Longer
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Mix and match!

We've already asked the pros about the best low-maintenance haircuts and colors out there. All that's left for you to do is to mix and match, so you can finally have the best 'do for you. In case you can't decide, though, we rounded up some combinations that are practically foolproof for the longest-lasting good hair day. Take your pick below!

1. Solid color + Blunt bob

A one-color dye job that's close to your natural hair color is practically foolproof if you plan to leave your locks untouched for a few months.  But just so your look isn't overly plain, pair the shade with a sharp blunt bob that ends just above your shoulder for a smooth growout.

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2. Long layers + Balayage

The weight of long hair can become unbearable after some time, so have your stylist give you some layers for a lighter feel that'll also give you some effortless face-framing. This style works well with a balayage, since the layers will enhance the dimension on the dye job while keeping the entire look relatively low-maintenance.

PHOTO BY Instagram/karen_gallman
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3. Mid-length hair + Subtle highlights

A haircut that ends about halfway your chest is the perfect breezy length for tropical country dwellers like us. It'll save you from that awkward in-between length, too, smoothly transitioning you right into having long locks as the days go by. It already looks super chic with a solid hair color, but adding some highlights around four to five shades lighter than your natural hue (avoid bleach if you can!) will liven up the style even more.

4. Ombré Lob

Ombré hair colors were practically invented to grow out gracefully. You won't have to worry about touching up your roots so often since all the color are on your ends. Combine that with the ease of a long bob (or lob) and you'll have a cool 'do that'll look great for months on end. Some of the best colors to consider for this are ash or beige hues!

PHOTO BY Instagram/marijasmine

5. Long Pixie Cut + Ombré

If you're consider getting a pixie, pick a variation with a long fringe to keep the look relatively lower-maintenance. When it comes to color, try a low-key ombré effect with dark roots and light-colored ends. Not only will it spice up your cut even more, the two-tone look will also give the illusion of more volume!

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