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Love Notes

What's your ideal hot-guy scent?
Love Notes What's your ideal hot-guy scent?
Simply chill. Relaxed, calm and laid-back, your ideal guy is as cool as a cucumber—and smells like it, too, favoring understated fragrances with watery or green notes.
Intense and passionate. You like your men confident and success-driven. Echoed by masculine fragrances tinged with musky and woodsy notes, they’re highly sensual and know how to get what they want.
Mr. Popular. Always at the center of action, they’re charming and bustling with energy, oftentimes the life of the party. Sociable and well-liked, they veer towards scents with a citrusy, invigorating mix.
Ambitious go-getter. Super motivated, he’s either athletic, smart, or both—and you love it! He’s always in control and ready to sweep you off your feet with his fresh, peppy aroma… or his sparkling wit… or hot bod.