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Love Buds

The Body Shop's coming up roses.
Love Buds The Body Shop's coming up roses.

'Tis that time of year again: the last leg in the Great Romance Triumvirate, the scourge of lonely hearts and stressed-out boyfriends—Valentine's Day. Keep the pressure off your better half by insisting on something as pretty and romantic as your fave floral bouquet, but with only the good parts: the fragrant scent, the luxurious feel and the beautiful, femme colors. The Body Shop has taken everything nice about V-Day's most popular flower and distilled it into its best, most wearable version with their newest Moroccan Rose range.

With extracts taken from Morocco's exotic “valley of the roses” (snuggled between the snow-capped Atlas Mountains on one side and a scorching hot desert on the other—too storybook for words), the petals are dawn-harvested to ensure potency and are tempered with lemon oil, spice, their signature musk and warm, delish vanilla for a scent that's super-feminine yet elegantly wearable, with none of that wretched hint of almost-wilted flowers. Nota bene: they've also incorporated their signature Community Trade ingredients to keep within the spirit of all things socially responsible, too.

The corresponding makeup range is equally flirty, with pinks, mint greens, butter yellows and shimmery peaches making for a blooming Spring 2009 look that's both fresh and stunning.

Something by any other name would smell as sweet, but right now, we're all about the fact that they look, feel and smell better than the real thing. Until they find some nonfat beauty versions of chocolates and candy hearts, we'll probably throw our dates a bone and do some serious hint-hinting about the lovely line to the S.O.'s instead of wishing on that dreaded, exorbitantly-priced, two-dozen thorn bush.

Click on to see the prettiest picks in the bouquet.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor