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LOTD: Here's How Tricia Gosingtian Does Her Gradient Lip

LOTD: Here's How Tricia Gosingtian Does Her Gradient Lip
It's her signature look!

Tricia Gosingtian's looks are never complete without a gradient lip. She wears it practically everyday, and does it like a pro, too. The good news is that her technique is 100% coppable!

Instead of smudging only one product, Tricia uses two lip tints for her ombré. She starts with a light pink tint, which she smudges all over her lips as a base. Then, she dots a brighter color on the center of her lips and blends it outwards to diffuse the color. So easy, right? Watch it in action and cop the look with the products below!


IMAGE Club Clio

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet #5; Peri's Ink Velvet #2, P450, TriNoma

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