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LOTD: How I Faked Having Abs Using Makeup

LOTD: How I Faked Having Abs Using Makeup
IMAGE Angeline Morales
When you've got no time for a sit up, grab your makeup kit instead.

I've always felt contented with my body; I thank my mom's good genes for letting me stay petite without gaining pounds after eating all day. But still, I've always wondered how I'd look with some defined cuts on my abdomen. I often find myself thinking, "How would I look like with abs?" But despite me wanting to get a six-pack, I could never manage doing sit-ups every day even if my life depended on it. I run, swim, and do yoga ocassionally but never to lose weight or to tone my body. I did exercises for fun. 

So when one of my editors stumbled upon this video on Instagram (and with the encouragement of my other editors), which is a post by Instyle Korea featuring a girl using a contour palette to draw on some temporary abs, I was naturally tempted to try it myself in spite of my reservations. We did our own version of it using BYS contour sticks, plus some powder for definition and dimension.


To fake your abs, all you need to do is to grab a couple of contour sticks (or any cream foundation) that are three to four shades lighter and darker than your skin, and then lightly sketch the shape of your abs. Use your natural body shape as a guide to make it look as natural as possible.

IMAGE Angeline Morales

Next, blend it with either a brush or a blending sponge. Go over it with some powder to set it. Then finally, dab some highlighter on the supposed high points of your abs to define the areas better.

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IMAGE Angeline Morales

End result? A natural-looking set of abs! Sure, this might get washed away later, but it still made me feel a little more empowered.

IMAGE Angeline Morales

Testing this out actually encouraged me to tone my body even more. Now I just need to have the right motivation to keep a serious core workout...

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