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LOTD: We Love How Maymay Entrata Gave Her Winged Liner a Twist

So adorable.
LOTD: We Love How Maymay Entrata Gave Her Winged Liner a Twist
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/maymayentrata07
So adorable.

Winged liner doesn't always need to be flicked to perfection. Sometimes, your eyes just need a subtle definition to make them pop. Maymay Entrata seems to be a pro at this—one blink and you might even miss her cat-eye!

Now if you look down, you'll find where her wing is—on her lower lashline! She totally (and quite literally) flipped expectations for this one.


"It's not the typical look where you follow the natural shape of the eye," says her makeup artist Eman de Leon. "Here, I drew a line parallel to the upper winged liner to [make Maymay's eyes] appear longer and bigger."

According to Eman, he lined the area with eyeshadow instead of liquid liner so that the wing wouldn't look too strong. He was inspired by eye makeup techniques done on K-pop stars, wherein the eyes are very defined but still youthful and delicate.

So if you're not great at winged liner, maybe you can try drawing it like this! It'll open your eyes right up, too, and if you add fluttery lashes, you'll get a similar doe-eyed effect.

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