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LOTD: Here's a Foolproof Way to Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

Lip tint addicts, you'll love this.
LOTD: Here's a Foolproof Way to Make Your Lip Color Last Longer
Lip tint addicts, you'll love this.

Perhaps every lipstick junkie has already accepted the fact that retouching one's lip color is a must after a meal. We're guessing some of our favorite formulas just can't withstand a few sips and bites, which is totally understandable. But still, succumbing to your obvious need to eat and drink shouldn't render your lips naked, because we picked up a trick from singer Kyla that will totally change your beauty game.


For this look, makeup artist Mikka Marcaida tells Preview that the singer was already wearing a lip stain even before she sat in the makeup chair. But instead of removing the product and consequently drying Kyla's lips out, Mikka layered nude lipsticks and a gloss over it to achieve a unique color. (If you look closer, there's still a faint sign of the berry hue at the center of Kyla's lips!)

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So how does this tip make your lip color last longer? Well, since regular lipsticks usually fade after eating or drinking, applying a lip tint or stain underneath makes sure you'll retain some color on your lips. No touchups required! You can even think of it as a fuss-free lipstick change, too.

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