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LOTD: Julia Montes' Beauty Trick Will Make You Look Instantly Younger

LOTD: Julia Montes' Beauty Trick Will Make You Look Instantly Younger
She's rocking her new 'do!

Almost everything we know about anti-aging leads us to skin care. But if you're not so crazy about sunscreen and eye cream (although you should be!), then how about a new haircut instead? A new chop, when done right, can do half of the wrinkle-smoothing magic for you. Take a look at Julia Montes' new hair, which proves our point perfectly.

Gorgeous. Now let's look at how it ticks all the right boxes, shall we?

First, going back to black is the best choice for a youthful vibe. Being most Filipinas' natural hair color, it hides traces of damage from your previous dye jobs. Going for a dark hair color makes your locks look healthier, especially since it'll also camouflage gray hairs if you have any.

Moving on to that new fringe, the length of Julia's bangs narrows her face and accentuates her cheekbones. Not to mention, almost all of us had bangs at some point as a kid, right? It's such a no-brainer for a cool hair throwback.


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