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LOTD: How to Wear a No-Makeup Look on Your Wedding Day

LOTD: How to Wear a No-Makeup Look on Your Wedding Day
Plus, tips on how to talk to your makeup artist!

The no-makeup look works for all occasions—especially during weddings. Here's how you can rock an almost bare face and still look amazing in your photos:

Before your big day, be very careful with your skin care. Try not to use anything new that might irritate your skin at least a month before the ceremony. This way, you're sure to stay mostly blemish-free and your makeup artist won't feel the need to use tons of foundation.


For your brows, groom them beforehand. Make sure that you like the shape they're in before sitting in the makeup chair because you know your brows best.

That said, do communicate with your makeup artist properly. Don't be shy to say your preferences with makeup! To help them out, prepare several pegs and send it to them beforehand, just so you're crystal clear about what you want.

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That said, to peg a similar look to Coleen Garcia's, say you want to focus on glowing skin and nude pink tones for your blush and lipstick. If you dislike the feeling of foundation, request a lightweight base that lets your actual skin shine through. Don't forget to communicate well with your makeup artist to achieve the best result!

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