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LOTD: This Hair Trick Will Make Your Face Look Slimmer in a Bun

It works for ponytails, too!
LOTD: This Hair Trick Will Make Your Face Look Slimmer in a Bun
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/markanthonyrosales
It works for ponytails, too!

Buns and ponytails aren't exactly the best hairstyles to frame one's face. Without a fringe, the two could make some face shapes look wider and less structured, which is unfortunate because these are our go-to hairstyles for when it's sweltering hot outside. That said, celebrity hairstylist Mark Rosales does have one tip that might help, as seen on his muse Gabbi Garcia at the Bench runway show last weekend:


According to Mark, this hairstyle was inspired by an early 2000s trend you've probably seen on Christina Aguilera. And to achieve this look, he tied Gabbi's long locks in a center-parted bun to show off her shoulders. The hairstylist then pulled two small tendrils from both sides of the hair to add more structure and shape to the face.

"If you're going for something quite formal or clean, go with light and thin tendrils, but if you want a messier and more relaxed look, you can play with your baby hair instead," Mark suggests.

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Easy, right? Make this your go-to 'do this summer!

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