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LOTD: This Hairstyle Is Bella Hadid's Secret to Taking Better Selfies

Who needs filters?
LOTD: This Hairstyle Is Bella Hadid's Secret to Taking Better Selfies
Who needs filters?

Truth be told, being naturally gorgeous IRL isn't enough to take the perfect selfie. Things like knowing your best angle and finding good lighting are crucial, toothey can make or break your photo! Even an international model like Bella Hadid pays careful attention to certain elements for her own Instagram posts (and that's with her already-stunning features). But instead of a favorite selfie angle, she has a go-to hairstyle that helps her nail a double tap-worthy image every time. Check it out below!


For her killer self-portraits, the model loves slicking her locks back into a top bun. And to work its magic, she makes sure that it's extra tight—without a stray strand of hair in sight.

This look can instantly give you a facelift, enhancing the natural contours of your face. It's the reason why Bella's cheekbones look even more defined in all her selfies and group photos. 

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