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LOTD: This 138-Peso Product Will Give You Brows Like Bea Alonzo's

It lasts ALL day.
LOTD: This 138-Peso Product Will Give You Brows Like Bea Alonzo's
It lasts ALL day.

Unlike most celebrities, Bea Alonzo tames her brows the old-fashioned way. Her makeup artist Ting Duque uses an old Hollywood technique that existed way before brow gels and mascaras were even popular, and it's amazing for creating a brushed-up look. Out of guesses? It's soap!

According to the celebrity makeup artist, she starts by adding a bit of water to clear glycerin soap to create a small lather. "Any clear soap will do. I find that [colored soaps] leave waxy bits on the brow hair," she points out. After which, she brushes an eyebrow spoolie over the soap to collect the suds. "Make sure you don't pick up too much."


Once your spoolie is properly coated, use it to brush your brow hairs towards your preferred direction (Ting usually brushes Bea's strands upwards). The soap will give you a natural, feathered effect. If you have gaps that need filling in, wait for the soap to dry a little before proceeding to use a brow pencil, pomade, or powder.

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If you're used to setting your brows with gel, Ting explains that the main differences lie in staying power and price. Accordingly, gelled arches may last longer than soap brows in hot weather, but soap is way more affordable than your average brow mascara. In fact, the exact glycerin soap Ting uses on Bea is from a local brand and costs less than P150!


IMAGE Zenutrients

ZENUTRIENTS Glycerin Pure Soap, P138, SM Megamall

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