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LOTD: Arci Muñoz Is Making a Case for an All-Nude Makeup Look

Without looking as pale as a sheet.
LOTD: Arci Muñoz Is Making a Case for an All-Nude Makeup Look
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/ramonathornes
Without looking as pale as a sheet.

Be it for eyeshadow or lipstick, anything in a nude shade is something you can always count on. Smokey eye? A nude lipstick will balance it out. Bold lips? Blend nude browns on your eyes for subtle definition. But if you're planning to do a nude-on-nude situation, take Arci Muñoz's look below for an example:


Here, Arci pairs a light nude lip with eye makeup in almost the same color. A combo like this would normally make you appear pale, particularly with a full face of foundation. But like the actress, you can dodge that bullet by stepping up your brow game!

Fill in your brows using a shade that matches your hair color perfectly. A two-step method we swear by is to use a pencil to create an initial outline, followed by some brow powder to softly camouflage the sparse areas. For a brushed-up effect, finish off with a brow mascara!

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IMAGE J. Cat Beauty

J. Cat Brow-Mazing Duo, P369; Perfect Duo Brow Pencil, P299, Uptown Mall

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