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L'oreal Lash Renewal Serum

L'oreal Lash Renewal Serum Does L'Oreal's lengthening and thickening lash formula work?

I've actually never had any problems with my lashes. With all the great mascaras out there, I've never minded having to fake longer and thicker lashes. But because I do often have eye make up on, I find that my biggest lash problem is the fact that many times they end up falling off during my makeup removal routine. With that in mind, I decided to try out L'Oreal's Lash Renewal Serum, an eyelash boosting product promising to give you a fuller, longer fringe.


The applicator has a slightly curved tip, a lot like Lancôme's Virtuôse mascara. The instructions said to apply the gel twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. During the day, the formula can be used under your eye makeup and even as a mascara primer.

Although the gel dries quickly and is pretty light, I must admit that learning to layer your mascara and eye makeup over it took some getting used to. Sometimes it caused my mascara to clump which made me skip it all together on some mornings when I was in a hurry. You also have the option of applying the gel on both the upper and lower lashlines but I decided to just apply the solution on my upper lid for fear of my lower one getting too thick.

All in all, applying the serum is pretty easy, no complicated steps, and no stinging or irritation.


Having used the serum for two weeks, I have noticed that my lashes do look thicker, especially on the weekends when I have no makeup on. I've also spotted some tiny new lashes growing in between the strands, especially in the inner corners, which usually look sparse.

Although, the results aren't super noticeable, I do find that my usual application of two coats of mascara has been cut down to one. I read that it shows best results after three months so I'm definitely excited about my lash growing potential.

General Comments:

I would definitely recommend this for girls with thin short lashes. For easy use though, I would suggest you skipping the eye makeup for a few weeks, a small sacrifice for a great result!

—Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum, P845 at all leading department stores.

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