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This Longwearing Foundation Has Shades For Every Filipino

You can finally find the most accurate shade that'll blend on your face like a second skin.
This Longwearing Foundation Has Shades For Every Filipino

There aren’t a lot of foundations that truly cater to a wide variety of skin tones, especially for a country like ours, where complexions run the gamut from mestiza to kayumanggi and a myriad variations in between. We’re often limited to simplified shades like fair, medium and dark. The undertones are forgotten. As a result, we often have to settle for an inaccurate shade and get the unnatural finish that can be compared to wearing a mask.

To match your skin color precisely, base makeup needs to be created with warm, neutral, and cool undertones in mind. Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup has received rave reviews not just because it comes in diverse shades, but also because these shades are built around undertones and are long-wearing, buildable, and come in a matte finish.

To help you find the ideal foundation shade for your skin tone, we chatted with makeup artist Anton Patdu, photographer and makeup enthusiast Kitkat Pajaro, model Samantha Lewis, vlogger Camille Co and stylist Em Millan to get their intel.

What foundation shade do you use?

Anton: I usually go for warmer tones to avoid that ashy color on the skin.

Kitkat: I use medium or medium-dark shades, depending on my tan.

Samantha: I used [Double Wear in] Tawny before. Recently, I’ve been using [it in] Warm Crème. Both have a warm, golden undertone.

In the past, did you have a hard time finding a foundation you like?

Kitkat: The right shade for me has been hard to come by because my skin’s acidic—makeup oxidizes and gets ashy fast. Some foundations I’ve tried also get cakey after some time.

Samantha: Makeup looks great on me, but by the time I removed it, I’d start having breakouts—especially if I had makeup on for consecutive days.

What do you look for in a foundation?

Anton: It has to be long-lasting, lightweight, and have a wide range of colors.

Samantha: One that’ll cover my blemishes and not make me break out [with acne]!

Em: Something that can keep up with my busy, unpredictable day. I want it to last the entire day without creasing. I also want something that’s buildable. I can mix serums with it for a more dewy, natural makeup look. My makeup should be the least of my concerns the moment I step out of the door.

What’s the importance of using foundation?

Anton: It shouldn’t be just any foundation. A long-wearing foundation is what’s important. Personally, I like using long-wearing ones because I don’t have time to do touch-ups. For my clients, long-wearing foundation helps their makeup stay flawless throughout the day.

Samantha: It’s important in my professional life. I get made up for work—shoots, shows, events. But I try to stay makeup-free on days I don’t need to wear any.

Camille: I still find foundation so important especially on days when I really need it. I don't always have picture-perfect skin. I go through skin problems as well so having a good foundation is essential. Your skin is the first thing people see. It's part of how you present yourself. And when you present yourself well, you're able to gain more confidence and show the best version of yourself.

What made you choose Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup?

Anton: I super love it because the range of colors suits Asian skin. The pay-off is always the same as what you see in the bottle, and the coverage is buildable according to your needs. Mix it a little bit with the Advanced Night Repair for a sheer, long-lasting finish.

Kitkat: I like that it’s long-wearing. I can use it for work then still have my makeup intact for a night out. I used it when I covered a music festival—I was there for more than 12 hours, and my makeup stayed! I was so happy.

Camille: I like reading beauty reviews and asking pros for recommendations especially for products suitable for oily skin. Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation is almost always part of the list. I finally bought one when I went abroad and forgot [to bring] my entire makeup kit. [I realized that] I might as well buy foundation that I actually wanted to use. Since then, it's been my foundation of choice. It doesn't clog pores and it lasts the entire day! [The] coverage is insanely good!

What’s your tip in finding the right foundation shade?

Anton: Don’t rush when looking for the perfect shade for you. Try it first on your skin and see if it’ll oxidize—then adjust from there. I don’t buy foundation unless I’ve really tried it. Watch some reviews online—they help a lot.

Kitkat: Know your skin. Know what shade range you belong to, what your undertone is, and what issues you need to address. You also need to know if your skin is acidic. If it is, you’ll need to get a shade lighter since the product will darken eventually.

Em: Try it out for an entire day. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone, but also one that fits your lifestyle.

Why is it important for Filipinas to find the right foundation shade for them?

Kitkat: I’ve seen a lot of people use foundations that are too light for their skin tone, either because there aren’t really darker options here or they want to look fairer. Having a shade that’s perfect for you makes it so much easier to appreciate the skin you have.

Samantha: The right shade doesn’t highlight the common notion here that “beautiful” automatically means “fair-skinned.” The fact that there are darker shades means you can love the skin you’re in.

Camille: There is no skin that's superior to another. Every skin color is beautiful and it only becomes even more beautiful when you embrace it. Study your skin and get to know what works best for you.

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