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6 Filipino Celebrities Who Unapologetically Admitted to Getting Fillers

6 Filipino Celebrities Who Unapologetically Admitted to Getting Fillers
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/iamsofiaandres, Instagram/sueannadoodles
It's a celebrity-favorite for a subtle makeover.

Fillers or dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market. Its instant, natural-looking results are perfect for anyone who don't like downtime, and the fact that they're temporary makes it the best alternative to plastic surgery.

Some perks of fillers include plumping the lips, volumizing shallow areas like the undereyes, and softening the appearance of wrinkles. The injectables itself are made of hyaluronic acid and collagen, which occur naturally in the body, so they can safely dissolve overtime.

Hence, it's no wonder that celebrities swear by fillers whenever they’re looking to do a quick fix in the middle their busy schedules. Below, we run down six personalities who have openly shared their experience with the procedure. Read their stories below!

6 Celebrities Who Are Open About Having Fillers

1. Sofia Andres

Many changes in our body become evident after pregnancy. In Sofia’s case, she noticed that her lips became slightly thinner after she gave birth. So to bring back her full and luscious pout, she decided fillers were the way to go!

Dr. Aivee Teo, who performed the procedure on the actress, explained, "People are afraid of those unnatural and overdone duck lips we see on the internet. But the trick is just to enhance it! Just bringing back the volume you’ve lost or just rejuvenating it." No wonder Sofia’s lip fillers look so natural!

lip fillers filipino celebrities
PHOTO BY Instagram/@iamsofiaandres

2. Zeinab Harake

While answering questions from her fans in a vlog, Fil-Lebanese YouTube personality Zeinab Harake was asked about her reason for getting lip fillers.

Her reason couldn't be any simpler: "Gusto ko lang talaga," she said. "Nagpa-lip filler [ako] dahil gusto ko lang talaga kumapal 'yung lips ko. Gusto ko lang siya ma-experience."

The vlogger continued, "[Namamaga] pa 'to and hindi ko pa alam kung healed na ba pero sobrang saya ko." We can definitely tell that she's in love with her new look! You look great, Zeinab!

lip fillers filipino celebrities
PHOTO BY Instagram/@zeinab_harake

3. Sue Ramirez

There is no denying Sue's youthful beauty, especially with those doe eyes and high cheekbones. However, she once revealed that she used to be teased for her features, being called "siopao face" because of her round face and chin.

When she got older, Sue found out from her doctors that a double chin is not always caused by fat, but also loose skin near the neck that's near impossible to remove without any procedures. Hence, the actress did Thermage to tighten her skin, and got chin fillers to reduce the illusion of excess skin in the area. The combination gave her the prettiest V-shaped face!

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chin fillers filipino celebrities
PHOTO BY Instagram/@sueannadoodles

4. Jennylyn Mercado

In her early 30s, Jennylyn noticed some sagging skin on her face. It caused her features look slightly uneven, making her right eye appear lower than her left. Thankfully, this was easily addressed by adding fillers around her brow bone. It achieved an instant lifting effect!

After the procedure, Jennylyn was so amazed with the result and couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror!

eye fillers filipino celebrities
PHOTO BY Instagram/@mercadojenny

5. Vern Encisco-Lim

In a vlog, Vern documented her experience of getting a non-surgical nose job, or nose fillers. "I am very excited about [this] because my nose has always been my insecurity when it comes to my face," the influencer said.

After her very quick procedure, Vern looked incredibly happy with her new nose. "It’s so nice, I’m so happy!" she exclaimed. "I really see the difference especially on this part [her nose bridge], and I love how it looks natural."

Nose fillers are a great option for subtly enhancing your nose without surgery. Another alternative is a thread lift, which yields similar results with minimal to no downtime.

nose fillers filipino celebrities
PHOTO BY Instagram/@vernenciso

6. Matteo Guidicelli

Because male pattern baldness runs in his family, Matteo decided to get a hair growth-inducing treatment or "hair fillers" on his scalp. "It’s a hair loss prevention [treatment] because my dad is bald and I don't want to get bald, he shared.

During the procedure, Dr. Vicki Belo noted that this is not just any other filler. She explained, "This thing contains a lot of peptides and growth factors which stimulate the hair cells to grow." Just like Matteo, it’s best to undergo this procedure even before seeing signs of hair loss.

facial fillers filipino celebrities stories
PHOTO BY Instagram/@matteog

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