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This Local Skincare Brand is Making Waves Abroad

This Local Skincare Brand is Making Waves Abroad
The argan oil has company.

The pili nut has placed the humble province of Bicol on the map for its sweet delicacies. But who knew that this same nut will pedal the country's homegrown beauty brands to a global scale?

Mother and daughter tandem Rosalina and Mary Jane Tan recently launched Pili Ani, a Filipino skincare line that uses the nut as its primary ingredient. Initially, Rosalina had no plans in selling her products, despite studying the wonders of the pili nut for over a decade. In an interview with, she shares, "I started buying pili oil from the local organic farmers to help support them, and I made my own products like moisturizers and lipstick after testimonies from a few farmers about how it improved their skin problems." With the positive reviews from friends, she decided to push through with the business idea.

"Nobody had done anything with it, and the pili pulp in particular contains a lot of beta carotene, as well as vitamins A and E. It's a natural antioxidant, and in our clinical studies, it really reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles," Rosalina shares of the groundbreaking insight she's learned about the Bicol peninsula's "chosen tree."


She and her daughter then have decided to take the leap and started taking classes and attended events like CosmoProf to widen their knowledge in putting up a beauty brand. Rosalina adds, "We have all the raw materials here in the Philippines, and I didn't just want to export them. We wanted to develop them here. That's why I challenged my daughter to give the Philippines a place within the global brands."

Now, Pili Ani carries five skincare products under the brand. Its products use pili and elemi oils mixed with active ingredients that are guaranteed to solve your skin woes like dullness, wrinkling, dryness, and sagging.

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1. Natural Radiance Facial Moisturizer Cream, P6311; 2. Youthful Glow Facial Cream, P6311; 3. Intense Hydrating Facial Cream, P6311; 4. Intense Hydrating Facial Oil, P7826; 5. Beauty Elixir Facial Milk Serum, P6816

The pili nut is not just another pack of sweets in a bag full of pasalubong; it has now becomes a new source of income for farmers and could potentially make the world look at the Philippines as the next beauty hub—much like our neighbors Korea and Japan.

Get to know more about the brand here.

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