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The Glossy Lip We Love Just Got a Metallic Makeover

And it lasts for hours!
The Glossy Lip We Love Just Got a Metallic Makeover
IMAGE Vladamua
And it lasts for hours!

Good news, lip gloss fans: Your constant reapplying struggle ends here.

It’s no secret that matte liquid lipsticks are still in, but they remain to be an acquired taste. There are still many who prefer a lustrous shine on their pout instead of a flat finish, and no one can blame them because a natural, kissable look will always be a classic. But as competition among brands in the liquid lip game intensifies, they just couldn’t afford ignoring the glossy lip any longer.

Since Kylie Cosmetics announced the launch of her Metals Lip Kit, word about metallic liquid lipsticks hit the internet hard. People were skeptic at first, but they gave in after a while. Because who can deny what’s basically highlighter for the lips? One swipe and it can take any flat matte to a whole new level, enough to make any liquid lipstick skeptic admit defeat.

Shade ranges aren’t too bad either. Tons of brands like Ofra, Jouer, and Colourpop have metals of their own and they don’t just come in typical nude shades. Golds, blacks, blues, and bronzes fit for any occasion are everywhere in every price range. Most also promise to have creamy and non-drying formulas similar to a gloss, so that having flaky lips will be but a rare, unfortunate event.

Here are some you can try to see for yourself:

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Colour in Clingpeach, Rockwell Powerplant Mall

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Versailles, P850, SM Makati

Laura Mercier Pain Wash Liquid Lip Colour, Rustan's Shangri-La

If you’re not a fan of matte liquid lipsticks, you should definitely give this metallic lippie a shot. Put that gloss reapplying struggle to a well-deserved rest!