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Lipstick Hacks You Need to Know for Date Night

Did you know strobe and contour can be applied to the puckers, too?
Lipstick Hacks You Need to Know for Date Night

What other hue do we associate the love month with than the color red? In no coincidence, this shade is every girl’s go to when she wants to make a statement. Luckily, we have Jigs Mayuga showing us the ropes (or should we say the strokes!) of tricky red lip application on Mari Jasmine in third episode of SM Beauty Snaps, so take notes and get ready to put your best pout forward.



Can’t seem to make your red lipstick shades look good on you? Use your fave fashion maneuver, and layer!


What you’ll need:

Your red lip shade of choice

Your perfect foundation/concealer 

A lip brush

1. Apply red lipstick as you usually do, but draw the edges slightly inside your lip line so it won't bleed when you blend. 

2. Using a clean lip brush, apply nude lipstick starting from the edges then fill. 

3. Smack your lips on tissue to get rid of excess product. 



Any pigmented makeup is tricky, but you can be tricky too (with your application techniques).

Use a pointy q-tip to clean up smudges, then use a flat brush to conceal and smoothen the edges. Finish with a light dusting of loose powder to set.


What you’ll need:

Your dark lip color of choice

A pointed q-tip


Flat brush

Loose powder

Small blending brush

1. Apply dark lipstick as you usually would. 

2. Using a pointy q-tip, clean up anything you colored over the lips lines. 

3. With the flat brush, sweeap the concealer arounf the edges of your lips and blend with your finger. 

4. Dip your blending brush into loose poweder, tap out the excess, and lightly set the concealer. 


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