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We test Aesthetic Science's non-invasive fat cell bursting
Liposmash We test Aesthetic Science's non-invasive fat cell bursting

Everyone has unwanted fat that they wish would magically disappear. Even the skinniest of us have some hidden back fat, wiggly thighs or muffin tops that we meticulously try to hide beneath loose tops, elastic banded skirts, and yes even Spanx.

Aesthetic Science, a Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery center offers a solution to this jiggly predicament. Liposmash is a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells. Through pressure, the low frequency ultrasound waves create air bubbles, which cause the fat cell membranes to burst, leaving you with a slimmer physique.

Unlike Liposuction, which can be used to shed pounds of fat, Liposmash is targeted towards small pockets of fat usually found in the abdomen, thighs or arms.

Isha Andaya and I decided to test out the procedure for itself to see if it really did live up to its name.

Aesthetic Science's Dr. Leah Salido first talked to us about what areas we wanted to target and the overview of the whole procedure. We were informed that the entire process was going to be more or less painless but a high-pitched sound might cause some annoyance and the pressure from the machine might cause some bruising.

Isha decided that she wanted her arms treated while I decided that my pudgy inner thighs were the problem. Dr. Leah examined the target areas making sure there really was enough fat for the procedure. She explained that they avoid hitting the bone area as the ultrasonic waves can soften bones.


First off, measurements of the concerned area were taken at three different points, from top to bottom. Then, gel (the same type of substance used when conducting ultrasounds) was applied to allow the Liposmash knob to slide smoother.

At first the pressure that the technician exerted was pretty light but it increased more and more as we went along. It kind of felt like I was getting a really hard massage, which was at times considerably uncomfortable. But hey, no pain no gain, so with longer leaner legs in mind (and skinny arms in Isha's case), I kept the discomfort to myself.

After the entire 40 minute procedure (20 minutes per leg), measurements were taken again. The results were three centimeters lost on my right leg on all three points and three centimeters on two points and two centimeters on one for my right leg! Not bad for just lying there for less than an hour. Isha also lost a total of three centimeters on each arm.

A few small bruises surfaced the next day (these disappeared in a day or two) and it did feel like my body went through a major work-out but it wasn't anything debilitating. In fact, Dr. Leah was nice enough to inquire about how we were doing via text message, recommending ice for the soreness.

General Comments

I would definitely recommend Liposmash for all you ladies (or even men) who do work-out but still find yourselves with some stubborn areas of fat. Dr. Leah did make sure to tell us that the procedure works best when coupled with exercise and proper diet to keep the fat cells off. Otherwise, more fat will just accumulate.

Although one session is enough to shave off some centimeters (the biggest results have been seen in the stomach area), a total of six visits and monthly follow-ups are recommended for optimum results. With the minimal amount of time each session takes, you can easily sneak it into your lunch break.

Liposmash, P5800 per session until July 31, 2010 (Regular price is (P8000 per session) at Aesthetic Science. See the Salon and Spas Directory for details.

–Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

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