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If You Love 2-in-1 Products You'll Love These Next Gen Lip Tints

Say hello to crème tint.
If You Love 2-in-1 Products You'll Love These Next Gen Lip Tints
IMAGE Sephora
Say hello to crème tint.

Remember the time when your entire makeup arsenal consisted of 1) baby powder, 2) an eyelash curler and, of course, 3) lip and cheek tint? Before the era of YouTube makeup tutorials, access to online shopping and finding an actual occasion to wear [gasp] grown-up lipstick, young girls everywhere relied on the watery multi-use potion that brought a natural rosy flush to teenage cheeks.

While tints are still very much in demand as they were before, alas, times change, and with that came a game changer (at least in the tint game): the crème tint! This new, extra-pigmented species of tint puts the liquidy kind on the same level as the slap-your-own-cheeks method, because these tints are actually more moisturizing and have a wide range of shades, too.

Here are our faves, and why we’re keeping them in our kits! 

If you like switching it up in terms of texture (satin today, matte tomorrow), this one’s for you. The formula has enough pigmentation, yet is super lightweight and “blurred,” even, without sacrificing moisture. One swipe down the middle, smack your lips and you have yourself a natural #MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. Lay it on thick and you’ll have a lowkey glossy lip.


Pro tip: Try the hibiscus shade for a warm rosy hue and pair it with a bare face. 

IMAGE Human Nature

Human Nature Perfect Flush CreamTint, P395, Human Nature

Ah, for the true-blue lipstick girl. If you can’t let go of your opaque color, local beauty name Pink Sugar has lip and cheek tints for you. First of all, they come in a multitude of shades–you have your natural hues but you also have violets and even oranges for the K-beauty crazy. Second, it’s a very mousse-y formula that can either be dabbed for a subtle color, or swept on fully for a solid lip. So versatile. 

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IMAGE Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar Sugar tint, P349, SM Beauty Store

Okay, listen, we know that they’re named liquid lipsticks but it doesn’t have to feel like it. They're not matte, smell fantastic, are super-hydrating and last all day. Like Pink Sugar, they have plenty of shades but expect the natural-beauty brand to hold more traditional colors. Plus, they come from The Body Shop–the makers of the OG lip tint. What could go wrong? 


IMAGE The Body Shop

The Body Shop Liquid Lipsticks, P495, SM Megamall

There’s a reason why this is sold out all the time. It’s raved about for it’s ultra-weightless, extra-hydrating formula, that despite of its lightness and smoothness drenches you in color all day. Time to click “waitlist me.” 


IMAGE Sephora

Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion in Dusty Rose, P737,

For those who have zero time and not enough hands to put makeup on (shoutout to multitaskers), HAN (Healthy and Natural)’s Lip and Cheek Tint is enough for your entire face–it’s a multi use stick that’s all-natural and cruelty-free that nourishes both skin and lips with a formula that tastes great, too. Cheeks and lips are a given, but since the monochrome makeup trend is here to stay, might as well use it for a lowkey nude-pink gloss on your lids.



HAN Skincare Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint in Rose Berry, P700,

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