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Liner Notes

Apply eyeliner like a pro.
Liner Notes Apply eyeliner like a pro.
Q: How do you evenly put on eyeliner without leaving any white spaces and without it smudging?

A: It's all in the wrist. Liquid eyeliner has garnered quite an unsavory reputation for being the hardest to apply. However, a smooth, sharp line is actually easy to achieve with a little patience.

Eyeliner ties a makeup look together—believe it or not, it plays a big part in setting runway trends for the season. Some celebrities opt to go without it (like Anne Curtis) and some, like Amy Winehouse, have chosen to make it a style trademark.

For that flawless, confident line, liquid liner reinforced with dark shadow is best and creates a look that's appropriate for both power women and power situations. Everyday makeup looks go well with an equally low-maintenance pencil liner, which most are comfortable using, and which makes for easy definition.

No matter how cool the rocker-chic trend gets, smudgy, raccoon eyes or smeared product on the outer corners is still kind of déclassé. M.A.C. Cosmetics Senior Artist John Stapleton offers this tip: “When using liquid liner, start from the outer edges in. You'll get that naturally sexy swoosh as the liner goes inward.” And yes, it takes practice. Have some Q-tips ready to mop up any mistakes with cleansing oil just in case. Stapleton also cautions against pulling the eyelid taut when applying product. “It stretches the delicate skin around the eye area, and one of these days you might just get surprised that it doesn't bounce back when you let go!”

To fill in all that negative space between the lashes and the edge, do one of three things: dot pencil liner between lashes , completely line the whole outer (and inner, if you're pro) rim or wet a slant brush with some complementary eyeshadow and just color in the blanks. You'll get bigger, more defined eyes as a result, and in most cases, be halfway done with your routine.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor>
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