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A non-invasive machine gets the job done.
LIFE WITHOUT DEODORANT A non-invasive machine gets the job done.

Excessive sweating and body odor are non-negotiables where confidence is concerned, which is why a quaint clinic up north called The Skin Specialist, acquired a new machine that promises to get the job done with a killer name to match, the Sweat X.

For dermaphobes who can’t bear the thought of needles, the Skin Specialist is known for its non-invasive treatments that are painless and effective. The radiant Dr. Jean Marquez, who has TV appearances as a co-host of a medical program, as well as the resident dermatologist of a morning show, uses the Sweat X machine to help out patients with overzealous sweat glands. The technology uses thermal energy to deactivate sweat glands in a targeted body part.


The mean sweat killing machine.

Popular now for not only beauty enthusiasts as well as athletes (think sweaty palms on basketball players) and pre-teens as young as 13 years old, the projected reduction after just the first treatment is at a whopping 30%. With the guarantee of not only sweat-proof but also better looking underarms not to mention life without a deo! this new technology is our hot beauty find this summer.

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Sweat X treatment is at P9000 per session and P50000 for 6 sessions.

The Skin Specialist is located at G/F ESNA Building, #30 Timog Ave., Quezon City.  For more details check out 

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