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This Girl Posted an Empowering Photo of Her Stretch Marks

Right on, Lexi!
This Girl Posted an Empowering Photo of Her Stretch Marks
Right on, Lexi!

A lot of the time, we work hard to conceal our stretch marks, not flaunt them. The norm of embarrassment aside, Lexi Mendiola is brewing in us the courage it takes to say, "there's no more need to hide!".


The 23-year-old model posted a beachside photo of herself in a maillot, captioning the sunny snap as follows:


"I was thinking thrice if I wanted to keep this photo or dump it in the bin...ONLY because of my tiger stripes. I caught myself right before tossing it and just could. Not. Believe. How I let myself get so insecure about something so natural! It's taken me quite a while (23 years, to be exact) but putting this out there to remind myself and everyone that it's really nothing to get all worked up or feel weird about. Here's to learning to love the lines."

Her candidly honest, inspirational post has since garnered over 17,800 Instagram hearts, plus a heartwarming slew of body-positive comments. "We're matching! This made me feel so good," one reader said, while another commended Lexi for her "confidence" and "brave heart." Aww!

Way to go, Lexi! Now that's real beauty.

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