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Here's Something No One Tells You About Drinking Lemon Water

Here's Something No One Tells You About Drinking Lemon Water
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This detox recipe might send you on your way to a dentist.

Lemon water might just be the number one detox drink out there. It has a huge set of followers who swear by its detoxifying powers. It's also known to boost our immune system and improve our digestion. You have to admit, it sounds pretty impressive and tempting, too.

Still, it turns out that even this cult-favorite has its downside. According to Dr. Micah Ramos of SmileHub Dental Clinic, chugging lemon water too often can be highly acidic for your teeth. "Lemons contain a high amount of citric acid, so yes, drinking lemon water too often can, in effect, cause tooth erosion or damage the tooth enamel," she explains. "The enamel is the outer covering of our tooth, which protects the sensitive dentin underneath. When the dentin is exposed, it may lead to pain, sensitivity, and discoloration."

This, however, doesn't mean you have to stop drinking lemon water altogether. Here are easy, dentist-approved ways to protect your chompers from eroding:


1. After drinking, make sure to rinse your mouth with clean, pure water to flush out lemon residue or buffer the acidity.

2. Drink with a reusable straw so the acid will have minimal contact with your teeth.

3. Lastly, don't brush your teeth right after consuming lemon water. "This is to avoid wearing away the enamel while there's still a strong presence of citric acid in your mouth," says Dr. Micah.

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