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Le Smoking

Sooty eyes make the holidays smolder.
Le Smoking Sooty eyes make the holidays smolder.

A staple otherwise, Christmas time is one of those moments where the smoky-eyed path becomes where angels fear to tread. Perhaps it is the iffiness of sexifying a traditional, family-oriented holiday. Or maybe since it's the one time of the year where the festive, red-lipped trend is fully appropriate, we welcome the light-lidded change with open arms.

The power of the dark eye should never be underestimated, though, as it transcends occasion and taste depending on its intensity. This time we go all out: party season means twinkling lights, glowing skin and a sexy stare, thereby no excuse to shrink away like a wallflower. The look is both glam and grunge, making it perfect for the avant-garde holiday bunny who lets her eyes do the talking.

No shy violets here—rich navies and power purples make the look and heat up even the nippiest of nights.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor