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Laureen Uy Has an Easy Hack to Make Regular Nail Polish Look Like Gel

So easy to nail!
Laureen Uy Has an Easy Hack to Make Regular Nail Polish Look Like Gel
So easy to nail!

Like many of us, Laureen Uy loves gel polish. It's convenient for long trips or events because the vibrancy of the color lasts longer than your regular mani, it chips less, and it's just really pretty to look at overall.

But as much as the blogger loves the high-shine finish it gives, Laureen admits that it can be a pain to remove as it takes a lot more effort than removing a regular one. It's also not the most inexpensive thing in the world as compared to just doing your own nails at home. Of course, you can also do gel nails at home but it does require a certain special equipments like a UV light nail machine. And not all of us can shell out a couple of bucks for that.


That said, Laureen may have just found the answer to our woes: making regular polish look like gel. How, you ask? It's all in the application! Check out some of her simple hacks on how you can achieve it yourself.

1. Apply a nail polish remover beforehand.

This may sound unusual, but according to the YouTube creator, cleaning your nails with a nail polish remover even if you're starting with a clean slate (meaning you didn't have any polish from before) really helps with the longevity of the nail polish, making it chip less. Don't forget to clean up the sides with a dual-sided cotton bud, too!

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2. Load up on the top coat before putting the nail polish.

After you're finished with the base coat, don't go straight to coloring your nails just yet. Laureen's advice is to swipe a few layers of top coat first. Traditionally, this is a finishing touch applied on top of the nail color to give it that shine, but since we want to achieve that gel-like finish, putting it beforehand as well will give it an extra kick of shine. Brush a generous amount on your nails, then repeat until you're happy with the look. Make sure to have at least 10 minutes of interval in between each coat.

3. Choose a creamy formula.

As for your nail polish, whatever color you go with, Laureen says that you should use one with an extra creamy formula in order to see the optimum effect because a water-based polish might not be as effective. Apply two to three coats on each finger.


Watch Laureen's complete eight-step tutorial here:

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