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5 Makeup Tricks for Girls with Big Pores

5 Makeup Tricks for Girls with Big Pores
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Should you really be going for a matte finish?

Pore size is mostly genetic, and it would take a miracle and a half to permanently shrink yours. Therefore, the best (and fastest!) way to deal with the problem is to simply hide them from plain sight. This, of course, is easier said than done, so we asked a makeup pro, Xeng Zulueta, for her best tips. 

1. Prep with a pore-filling primer.

To prevent makeup from sinking into your pores, fill them in with a primer. Silicone-based primers do this best since they blur away any texture issues as well. If you're aren't planning to use foundation after, a tinted primer is a great alternative.

However, as amazing as silicone primers are, they might clog your pores if they aren't removed well. That's why always make sure to double cleanse after using one!




NYX Pore Filler, P840, SM Makati

2. Skip the overly matte foundations.

"Too matte foundations will leave you looking wrinkly and dry," says Xeng. And a dry surface will make your texture issues more apparent, since product might cling to your pores instead of going over them.

3. Even out your skin tone with a powder foundation.

Wait, didn't we just say to skip the matte foundations? But hold your horses and hear us out.

"When applied over a primer or with a wet sponge, powder foundations can mimic the texture of skin," explains the makeup artist. Unlike liquids or creams that might sink into your pores, powder will simply stay on the surface. Provided, of course, that you are well-primed and moisturized!

For best results, choose a powder with hydrating properties and a non-cakey finish. But if it's coverage that you need, try dual-powder formulas that are best applied with a wet sponge.

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IMAGE L'Oréal, Clinique

L'Oréal Two-Way Cake Foundation, P500, Watsons; Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup, P2050, SM Megamall

4. For a skin-like finish, use an oil primer.

Priming with oil does wonders for hiding pores, no matter your skin type. "Having oily skin with large pores myself, an oil primer actually stops my skin from producing more oil and makes my pores appear smaller," Xeng shares.

As mentioned, a dry base is no good if you're trying to hide texture, so give this a shot! All you need is one drop rubbed between your palms and pressed onto your skin. Skip the eyes and brows, though! Wait for it to be absorbed by your skin and then blot any excess product with one ply of tissue (pull apart a two-ply).


IMAGE LOreal, Clinique

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil, P1650, Beauty Bar

5. Highlight very few areas.

"Anything with shimmer will enhance large pores and make oily skin look greasy," says Xeng. So when it comes to highlighter, strategic placement is key. As much as possible, highlight only above the cheekbones and the browbone. That said, if you do decide to prime with oil, you'll be dewy enough to skip highlighter altogether!

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