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Lakme's Daniel Carreras On Hair Color 101

Lakmé's Managing Director gives us the lowdown on hair color.
Lakme's Daniel Carreras On Hair Color 101 Lakmé's Managing Director gives us the lowdown on hair color.

Lakmé, the famous innovative Barcelona-based hair product and care line, is now finally in the Philippines, adding us to their rosters of salons in over 70 countries.

Lakmé boasts of two main product lines: color and treatment products. The color products offer a wide range of shades: from light, pearl shades, natural brown tones to vibrant out-of-the-box colors like blues and reds. The treatment products help maintain the color vibrance and keep hair healthy.

Daniel Carreras, the brand's Managing Director, confessed to how long they've been longing to bring Lakmé to the country. Salon Beautifier, Inc. has partnered with the brand to take charge of its distribution, and Stylebible had the privilege to ask Mr. Carreras about hair color 101. Read on:

Daniel CarrerasLakmé's Daniel Carreras with Andrea Zulueta of Salon Beautifier, Inc.


What exactly makes Lakmé different from other hair color products?

To be honest, we're among the top brands in the world of hair color. The difference of Lakmé against other brands is that we're producing everything in our compound. Our technical team travels to different countries to look into new trends, like what's happening in the Philippines, or what's going on in Australia. When they get back to Barcelona, the nourishment of all those experiences is reflected in our brand. I can say that the result of our production is a mixture of  different experiences around the world. There are much bigger brands than us, but they are so huge that they are not taking advantage of this, of gathering trends from each country first-hand. 


What do you think is the most flattering hair color for Filipinos? Ou skin tones range from fair to dark. What shade is ideal?

This is very subjective; it depends very much on the feeling of every consumer, and then the fact that there's a technical truth that you can use any color we have. For example, if you feel like going for bold color, red is becoming popular these days. Perhaps if you're young and you want to change your hair color every now then, like from blonde to another shade, you can use glossit allows you to do that.

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How different is the Lakmé hair bleach from what we commonly see in the market?

The hair bleach we use works perfectly; it's quite quick, there's no strong smell. It can lighten the hair from four to five tones. There's good bleaching and so-so bleaching; ours is top of the line.


How do we maintain the vibrance of our hair color?

Lakmé has shampoos specially made for colored hair. It has shampoos for brown, blonde, purple, or red hair. It's properly catgeorized. The salon stylists can recommend a suitable product for each client.


When do you think is the right time to touch up hair color?

It depends, but what I can tell you is that it isn't very beautiful to see a couple of centimeters of of roots; ideally it has to be retouched within two to three weeks. If you would like to maintain your hair color you have to do it within that time frame.



What are some common mistakes in hair coloring?

I've seen a lotwe deal with different countriesbut the most common would be not mixing the colors well. They need to be scrupulous with the mixture. I see stylists measure hair dyes and developers using their eye. This is a common practice, we know, but it needs to be corrected. It should be precise.


Lakmé Hair Color is available at Piandré Salon. See the Salon and Spas Directory for details.

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