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Kylie Padilla Wanted to Be a Beauty Vlogger

Kylie Padilla Wanted to Be a Beauty Vlogger She's got makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel!

Actress, martial arts enthusiast, and forever fresh-faced Kylie Padilla, at one point in time, was actually into vlogging. Inside her My Life in Beauty feature for Preview back in 2014, she tells us how K-pop and makeup shaped her adolescence which got her into the YouTuber beat. "I fell in love with make up when I turned 17, because I was curious on how to apply eyeliner. I was a die-hard K-pop fan at that time, and all the Korean singers and girl groups were wearing liquid eyeliner. So I went on to YouTube to learn how," Kylie says.

One of her first-ever makeup tutorials was how to cop that K-pop star look. 

We must say, she's quite a pro at the feline flick, putting on falsies, and layering on eyeshadow—as some of you might know, it's such a #struggle contouring chinita lids. 

She's also got a prom perfect tutorial.

Even a sultry and contoured Kylie Jenner-inspired look.

"[Makeup] was an outlet and artistic release. When I’m at home, I would apply makeup and play around with it. It was fascinating for me on how you can transform your face with pencils and brushes if you learn to apply it properly."

Here's to hoping we see more of Kylie's makeup tutorials, because girl's got #skillz. For now, check out her other videos on her channel.  

You can still read our feature on Kylie by downloading our Preview October 2014 issue here

Main image photographed by Koji Arboleda

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