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7 Beauty Tricks We Can All Learn from Kylie Jenner's Makeup Tutorial

7 Beauty Tricks We Can All Learn from Kylie Jenner's Makeup Tutorial

After years of watching Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials from dozens of YouTubers, we finally have the real thing. Vogue has tapped the Kylie Cosmetics CEO for their Beauty Secrets series, and in the video she shared her current go-to makeup routine. As expected from the Instagram makeup queen, she spilled a ton of useful tips that we're itching to try ourselves. Read some of them below!

1. Mix liquid highlighter with your foundation.

In the video, Kylie mixed one pump of the Marc Jacobs Dewy Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Fantasy (P2860, with her foundation to give her skin a natural glow. It's a genius trick to make any matte foundation look less obvious and more dewy.

2. Combine different shades to hide dark undereyes.

Kylie shares that she mixes two shades of concealer to hide her undereye circles. She starts with a pink-toned concealer, which corrects the bluish discoloration in the area, then layers it with another concealer in beige to match the color with the rest of her face.


3. Skip highlighting your forehead.

Highlighting with concealer is still a technique that Kylie does, but she says that she doesn't apply the product on her forehead anymore. "I feel like if you have a cakey forehead it gives away [that] you're wearing makeup," she explains. Instead, she only highlights under her eyes, nose bridge, the center of her chin, and her cupid's bow.

4. Use brown mascara on the lower lashline.

Since she prefers to keep the drama on her upper lashes, Kylie uses a brown mascara to define her lower lashes. According to her, black mascara on that area tends to look too harsh for her taste.

5. Try the baking technique for a flattering contour.

Kylie swears by the internet-famous baking method for contouring. She can't do her makeup without it! In case you haven't heard of baking, it's a technique that involves stamping loose powder on the face and leaving it on to "bake" for a few minutes. It's meant to set makeup really well, but in Kylie's case, she uses it to intensify her cheek contour. No need to apply too much shading powder!

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6. Highlight with a small brush.

To make sure her highlighter goes where she wants it to go, Kylie applies the product with a small brush. Pick a brush that'll allow you to highlight precisely above your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid's bow. Accidentally applied too much? Blend out the excess with your fingers!

7. Set your makeup with a finishing spray.

"Spraying just makes your makeup look better in person and less powdery," she says. The spray will also add some glow that your skin might've lost from applying powder. It's foolproof! And if you want to know which spray Kylie used, our eagle eyes caught the beauty entrepreneur using MAC's Prep + Prime Fix+ (P1250, Beautymnl).

Watch Kylie's beauty tricks in action below:

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