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This Is How Aloe Vera Healed Kryz Uy's Bumpy, Irritated Skin

She tried a lot of products but only this worked.
This Is How Aloe Vera Healed Kryz Uy's Bumpy, Irritated Skin
She tried a lot of products but only this worked.

After a trip to Bali, fashion blogger Kryz Uy went through a literal rough patch. "My skin suddenly started to feel like there was some sort of weird texture on it," she shares in her vlog, describing a beauty problem that her skin wasn't familiar with. "Because it was so new to me, I actually thought that it was sand on my face." And when the so-called sandy texture didn't go away after cleansing, Kryz thought exfoliating might help. "Every time I would wash my face, I would keep exfoliating it...every single wash," she recalls.

Exfoliating, however, didn't help. In fact, Kryz says that it made her skin even worse after about a week. And to avoid further irritating her skin, she opted not to wear makeup and continued to try new products in hopes of healing its bumpy texture.

Finally, after consulting with her dermatologist, she found out that the real cuprit was skin dehydration. Accordingly, being under the sun too long and not drinking enough water probably took a toll on her skin. Overexfoliating her already-dry skin therefore made it worse, when all she needed was more hydration.


Because of this, Kryz changed her skincare routine and opted for gentler, more natural products. The product that worked best for her was aloe vera, which she extracted straight from a plant in her garden. She cut it in half and scraped the gel off the leaf and used it as mask, leaving it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. "It's going to feel really gross and it smells kind of weird," she quips. "But I swear to you, I did this for three [to] four days straight and it really made my skin feel a lot better."

We're definitely keeping this beauty hack in mind the next time our skin freaks out!

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